Jellyfishes strikes back ~クラゲの逆襲~

Dear globalnOmads,
Be aware the signs that's been sent to you.

Recently there has been a massive increase of jellyfishes throughout the globe.

These jellyfishes are sign of environment crisis.
Such as global warming of the planet which is caused by numerous human factors,
and overfishing of ocean resources that is destroying the balance of the ecosystem.

So this is not just about jellyfish itself 

but the whole planet is crying for help. 
Sending us a message.

If we don’t react to the sign or ignore it, 

it will unbalance our life too.
Of course, people are still part of this ecosystem.
Where do you think you get your drinking water from?

It’s already starting,

There's huge 2m(6.5ft) / 200kg(400lb) jellyfishes found millions around Asian sea recent* few years.
These are ripping the fishing nets and even capsizing fishing boats because they are so heavy and so many! 

Interfering us to catch our food?

Summer approaching and thousand of jellyfish are approaching Mediterranean coastline where major European beach resorts are. The venom of these jellyfishes would pollute the water and may causes health threat to the beach goers.

Interfering us to survive the deadly hot summer?

Jellyfishes are just one of a sign. Take a look around...

So what can we do?
Purchasing is like voting. 

Choose wisely what you buy and how you buy.  
Yes, your vote can kill the brands, products or services that’s not sustainability friendly. If we don't buy it, the business would be reconsidered.

I don't think you need a full sushi sets in every convenient stores? Don't look so good no one wants it. 40% of food globally end up in a dumpster! Think about it. Have sushi in good sushi bar with nice glass of champagne. Sushi is supposed to be a special meal!

*=and then, recently there are decreases to this giant jellyfishes after the 2011 quake in Japan. Since Fukushima disaster and all the contaminated water releasing to that's another sign...

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