Sweet desert •おいしい砂漠•

Dear globalnOmads,

Fossil fuel dependency should lessen, don't you agree?
But i don't mean Pro-nuke, there's nothing clear about nuclear usage.

If you are living in so called oil country bathing in oil money and spending that money like there is no tomorrow on European football clubs...

Isn't there a more useful way?
Invest on your future?
Lets build more solar panel system over the desert!

Think about it,
1. Where else would be the best place to bath a sun without interference? It's a waste land anyway. And it may replace your oil business with less worry of sources running out.

2. By covering the land with solar panels, it will create shadows. This might help grow something underneath it, i.e. plants, insects or worms maybe to start, improves the soil quality? And so many ecological merit from de-desertation.

3. Less ecological damages from generating electricity. No digging, No burning and less transportation. No pollution in the process. No nuke, chemical or bio hazards and wastes.

According to Dr.Faiman, use of 10% of Sahara desert with solar panel will generate enough electricity to cover the whole world.
Imagine the potential!

Come on Africa you could now become a rich energy exporters end to the poverty!
And with the earnings,  please help protect the endangered species like lions, rhinos or giraffes..etc etc, 
so that our kids and their kids can adore them too.  

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