Our guerilla activity +ゲリラ活動+

Dear nOmaDs,
Sometimes you can't just sit there and wait for things to improve.
Need to get up and dirty your hands to make it happen.

One of the globalnOmads activity is 
"Guerrilla seeding".
Yes, we go out there and seed trees to greener our world!

If you like to start,
consult with your local specialist what trees best suit the environment and condition of your target area.
For me, living in one of the biggest and busiest city in the world , 
I was recommended Platanus or Carpinus.
It needs to be really tough to live in urban condition. Deal with the concrete jungle...imagine the heat...air they have to breath...dehydration...and flood when it rains bit harder...

Recent study showed,
River Tamagawa of Tokyo, aka before "the poison river you don't want to touch", is recovering drastically and many local fishes are returning from sea. 
Now became one of the cleanest river running in cities worldwide with BOD* 1.6mg/l. 30 years ago it was 11mg/l.

Look at the other major rivers around the world,
~London River Theme: BOD 5.7mg/l
~Paris River Seine: BOD 2.7mg/l
~NY River Hudson: tbc

Couple years ago River Saine welcomed back salmons which had been gone for 100 years.

Well, the point about River Tamaga, is that improvement was not made over night.
It started with planting trees at the source of river deep in the mountain since 100+ years ago. Enriched the headstream which once damaged severely.
This recovery was made by the effort of people who believed in it.

The message is straight forward and clear?
It's never too late to recover the lost ecosystem!

*BOD=Biochemical Oxygen Demand (a level of organic pollution in water).

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