Mirro mirro on the wall *鏡よ鏡*

Dear nOmaDs,

I am not an architect nor a city planner, but i know how difficult it is living in a city as a naturist, no not the one who takes off the clothes...

Some cities are well made kept beautifully with fine balance of nature in the city center. Takes a great courage for the city to do so when they can make easy money out of utilizing that space for commercial purposes.
My respect for all the cities around the world which keeps their city sweet and green.
For example recent redevelopment of ruined railway track in NYC, aka High line, is role model of how the green enriches the city. I love it! (pic in OUR VISION)

Keeping it green has many intangible benefits that money can't buy,
*It relax and comfort people/animals who lives around.
*Watching water just makes your mind calm.
*Keeps the city cool in summer.
*Watching little squares running around keep your heart warm in winter.
*Provides O2(oxygen) and reduces CO2(carbon dioxide) = cleanse air.
*Makes you feel people are part of ecosystem, especially to kids.
*You are not bored just sitting in the green...

Nature is a great heal to human, 
I am sure someone calculated the psychological impact for the work efficiency or ROI. Let me know if you know.

The building technologies are improving, buildings are higher and wider. 
Less spaces to breath and more ruled by shadows. Walking in midtown NYC you wouldn't tell the current weather nor what time it is in daytime.

The access to sunlight is essential to human, both physically and mentally.
You nomads living in UK know exactly what I mean.

Here's an idea to improve city living...
Utilize more mirrors to the city development. 
Mirrors placed on the top or side of the high building to shine sunlight to behind or shadow side.
Maybe there should be a rule for skyscraper owners to provide neighbors the access to sunlight by placing a gigantic mirrors to cover the direct light loss.  
Save electricity for lighting up darker colder rooms.
Shouldn't be that hard? It's no rocket science, its just a mirror on the wall.

Let the sun also rises to the people living in a shadow.

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