Out-of-fashion is IN. 進化論

Dear nomads,

The technology of human being is amazing! things are smaller, faster, stronger, smarter and greater every second.

With the increasing speed of information and tech advancement, they say 1 generation at the moment is 4years! Well, I heard this already more than 4 years ago so it sure got much faster...
In other words, speaking to someone 4years older, is like speaking to your parents in old terms.

People always thought the technology advancement was cool
but seems the feeling started to change recently.
Maybe the Fukushima nuclear plant incident made it clearer.
The advancement does not mean greater improvement.
The advance is made by how technology are used.

"Do more, earn more, cost less" capitalistic thinking is coming to an end.

The balance and harmony rule our activity.
Just like every other life on this planet, the sustainability is core to every human activity even including corporate business. 
For example, don't have to take all the ocean resources by scraping the ocean floor just because you can. Don't have to produce massively just because you want more and end up throwing most of it away because it costs less.

Consider what's necessary.

Be ecologically efficient.

Don't be afraid to cut back. Live less convenient.
Yes, it might sounds bit going back in time and out-of-fashion.
But this is the advanced way of thinking and new now, be proud.

New challenge always requires courage but someone has to start? 
You make it COOL.

Otherwise there will be nothing left for you tomorrow.
And what's a future without anything but you.

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