Magic of shoppers *買い物の魔法*

Hey nomads,

Before, I've spoken about purchasing is like voting. 
Chose wisely what you buy and HOW you buy.  

What if it effects your job?

There's a finding that if you don't want to loose your job, 
you should shop more locally. Yap the typical papa & mama shops in your neighborhood.
Because if you spend it in a places like this, your money will at the end comes around back to you.

By saving a local small shops, 
you eventually save quality products that's made by small manufactures, foods that are made by homemade cooks, plants and crops produced with care by small farmers locally. And people around and between.

The reality is, these small shops cannot compete with huge corporations, i.e. supermarkets, megamarkets and web stores. Never with choice of product range and low prices.

Yes, it might sounds like it cost bit more... 

But the priority of the corporations, who runs supermarkets or mega stores, would be to profit of their own organization and the shareholders and NOT the consumers(you) or emplyees(you)...
The money they make goes to up there and don't comeback to you...unless you are handful of people who are shareholders up there. 
If corporations are directly or indirectly has foreign banks or investors as shareholders, your money might not even stay in your country.

If the few corporation becomes dominant, you will actually have less power because the control is not in your eco system any more. With slashing price to suppliers, small manufactures and workers suffering with small return. 

In order to keep the cost down, to make more money, the quality craftsmanship and the caring process are sacrificed. That means skilled hard working employees with passion are wasted...

It sounds terrible when you hear about people chopping down remaining Amazon forest or trawl fishing to scrape everything in the sea, 
but these poor local people at the front can't have bigger picture as they have to live today. We, especially at the wealthier global citizen, have to mind the impact of our consumption power=voting power.

'Fair trade' movement is a solution to global corporation. I like the idea of 'Fair trade' I want to see more of this then just a coffee!
Similar idea, you shop locally and this should naturally protect your locals, as prosumers.

Next time you want to drink a wine, try to find a small local liqueur shop around you and choose a fine local wine close to the region. Select the one which are made with love and care, not the one we all know.

You have the power!

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