Abyssal cry 〜竜宮の使い〜

Dear nomads,

Another sign from the planet,
the creatures who usually stay under very deep sea, who almost never been seen before in our time are starting to emerge...

The giant squid and the Oarfish we thought existed only in a story or a myth.
Not just founded dead but caught alive even!

Can't help myself but to worry what the hell is going on?

There's a rumor that the sea is starting to absorb the heat from the global warming...

Sea takes time to heat up, when you consider the summer solstice is a couple month before the peak of summer, means that's how much it takes for the whole planet to warm up.

Ever since the global warming has been pointed out couple decades ago, it has mainly been about the temperature on the land & air. It now seem the heat got to the sea and even to the deepest level... 

Some thinks the global warming is over because the land temperature seemed to stabilized. Not quite, it reached the sea and this is probably our final defense. Our mother sea is taking the heat!

When the sea warms up, consequently the direction of tide changes then wind changes and it effects the climate + season at every point of the planet. The local ecosystem you know today might be forced to re-system. Your habit will be different and your tradition reform.
El Nino, La Nina, The huge hurricanes + typhoons , record breaking snow falls, floods or droughts are start of it. Very challenging stage for all living things.

These legendary abyssal fishes are the planet's cry of pain. A messenger.
We might not be here to receive the last will because we are the first to go if there's a major changes in our biosphere...

At this point I should say it's not to save our planet,
but to save ourselves, as the earth will stay and reboot with or without us.

Not just theories but action is required!
Each and everyone's stronger cooperation is essential from this stage. 

If you want to save yourself...(be selfish for once)

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