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Dear Nomads,

I am expecting a baby next month and so excited!
Huge life style change is to be expected.
After birth, I would probably see things differently and my point of view might change.

But one things I can say becoming a dad, or "Papa" haven't figured out how I want to be called.., will only make my eyes stern to the environment of my new born and us more than ever!

Above all, a child will teach us couple to become a better parent.

As a result of reading very interesting manuals:-p of baby and pregnancy, I'm convinced how nature experience would make child a greater man!

I have raised my concern before on luck of nature in modern urban life and this will continue to be my concern. I say this as I was practically raised by a dog when i was a little, Hi! Des(short for Destiny), eating her food and digging worms in a back yard.

I'll have to make sure to take my kid out in to the wild whenever possible.

Here is how children can learn from nature experience.
Should help develop abilities as imagination, thinking power, problem solving, responsibility and learn about what god might be by knowing you are part of it.
Imagine the effect!

Animals / Bugs : Touch it, Study it and Look after it.

Dirt: Dig it, Build up, Find what's under and Roll in a mud.

Fire: Light it, Stare it, Maintain it and Cook on it.

Plants: Smell it, Taste it, Look at the colors, Grow it and Feel the season.

Rocks: Feel it, Compare it, Feel it and Throw it(safely).

Stars: Gaze up, Look for it, Imagine, Romance and Feel the universe.

Trees: Climb it, Look at it and Feel it.

Water: Bath it, Swim in it, Listen to it, Surf it and Drink it.

Air & Wind: Smell it, be Blown by it and breathe it.

Sun: Bath get toasted, Feel the warmth and Appreciate it.

Reminds me,
My favorite read from childhood, Issac Asimov said "fire" was the best invention in human history. Here's how it changed our life...
  • Active in dark
  • Hygienic food(by cooking)
  • Improve security(keep us safe from animals)
  • Keep us warm
  • Travel longer distance(by cooking food)
  • Stock food
  • Survive winter
  • Less hunting more extra time to do something else
  • Becoming gourmet
  • My favorite of all, it longer our nights to think

Nature has so many to offer and we have to do our best to handover our planet beautifully to future generation.

See you soon my junior!

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