Le Roi Soleil ☀太陽の王

Dear g'nomads,

My son was born on 17 September!

Days are crazy at the moment, I feel jet lag all the time due to heavy fathering...but comparing to role of the mother, its almost nothing...
Makes me think of how much my mom invested on me:-) 
Love and thanks mama!

We named the baby after "Le Roi Soleil" aka "The sun god", 
you can guess or google now what name that is?
Perfect for a nature loving g'nomads, huh?
He could be the messiah who would stand up and fight for our beautiful planet:-D

It means fortress and also the name of a guardian in the orient. 
A guardian angel who protect and guide the weaks and the justices.

The sun is the center of all eco-syetem on this planet no doubt, well there's a name for that -> the solar system.
Not a thing, almost, can live or exist with out it.
You won't see a thing without it.
Or even, the darkness seems like nothing to do with the sun,
but the definition of darkness does not exist without a light. Ah!

Funny how "Son" sounds the same as the sun?
Not a coincidence I believe.
The son born from the god is the sun, all religion is centered by it!
It's the worship of this great symbol and sign of how much we appreciate of it.
Religions are the story of the heaven, universe and love.
In ancient time, the astrologer predicts the season and events by reading the constellation. The people who knew could earn the trust of general public. 

And the most important day of the week for you?
Yes, Sun-day!

Lets remind ourselves on this day to appreciate the miracle that we are here.

...BTW, 17th September was not Sunday but Wednesday, the Mercury...the due date was 21st Sunday...

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